Engineered Packages – utilizing PAP PLUS®
(API 672 Air Compressor Packages)
Standard Packages – utilizing Polaris®  Air Compressors
At our facility, we Package Air Compressors supplied by OEM FS-Elliott Co., LLC, USA in accordance to customer specifications and requirements.

The Basic Air-end and its base plate are manufactured and tested in FS-Elliott’s US manufacturing facility. Balance components in the package including motor, heat exchangers, controls, lubrication system etc. are locally supplied, fabricated, assembled and packaged at our Jubail facility. 

In addition to the Base option, depending on specific customer needs, Air Dryers, After-Coolers, Separators, Closed Loop Cooling Water Systems, Pulse Jet air Filtration systems and Off Skid Lubrication System can be incorporated and supplied in a specific Package.

PAP PLUS® API 672 Air Compressor Packages

FS-Elliott’s PAP PLUS® compressor combines high efficiency, economy and reliability in models from 1500 cfm to 18000 cfm (2520 to 30600 m3/hr); 350 HP to 3500 HP(260 to 2600kw).

The wide range and flexibility of the PAP PLUS® compressors makes it an ideal fit for all applications.


Polaris® Compressor Series range from 900 cfm to 11500 cfm and 250HP to 1250HP.

A simple design and few moving parts minimize required maintenance and downtime resulting in low costs and ease of ownership. Each impeller on a Polaris compressor is hand chosen using state-of-the-art software to ensure that the aerodynamics is perfect for your specific application. Advanced PLC controls efficiently manage plant load to maximizing energy savings.

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