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Our service center facility has two Schenk Balancing Machines with latest instrumentation. It is fully equipped for Air end Overhaul and incorporating New technology Upgrades. Our personnel are fully trained and qualified to provide LSTK installation, commissioning and long term service agreements.
Benefits: Single source/ Full range of services Equipment stays in the region Resident fully qualified personnel Assurance of working with an OEM Genuine OEM Parts Apart from the above services, we also provide various programs as briefed below:

Control Panel Retrofit Program

100% new OEM panel and components – the new system provides precise control to minimize energy costs and maximize reliability.
FS-Elliot’s REGULUS Control System is designed with leading edge technology processors and memory capabilities providing performance, reliability and convenience.

Reconditioned Unit Program

This program provides our Compressors owners with a refurbished and upgraded compressor in one all-inclusive solution. A pre-engineered air end module is offered that incorporates advance aerodynamic and mechanical components while minimizing costs and lead time impacts.

Air end Replacement Program

Most economical way to meet system’s changed compressed air requirements is by Rerating an existing Compressor to a new set of operating conditions. In addition new design upgrades can be offered to enhance reliability and reduce life cycle costs.

Energy Savings Program

Four energy savings modifications that can be installed at site are as below: Advanced Aerodynamic staging Regulus control system Adjustable Inlet Guide Vanes Pulsar – Zero Air Loss Drain Valve

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FS Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd takes Pleasure of inviting you to participate in STC-12.

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